(This Guide is from Rav Moshe Dovid Spiro, Gateshead, England – All rights belong him)

Telephone calls:
It is recommended to keep on your mobile the +420 code for Czech Republic, WITH -the always- 9-digit numbers (mobile & normal). The whole country is now ONE dialling-area-code. The system here is, that if you phone - even locally - WITH the code, it works. Altogether always 12 digits.

Rav Menachem Kalchheim: +420 224 800 804, Mobile: +420 605 875 390, Jewish Agency Sheliach/deputy-Rov of Prag. & of CR   E-Mail: [email protected], Rov in Hoch Shul.
Rav Barrash +420 222 320 896, Birkova 14, Prag 1, Rov of Lubavitch Shtibel. Chabad centre is at Parizska 3, near old-town square.

Yakov Schwab: +420 604 857 554 
Assistant: Shimon Stoklasa: +420 777 316 617
Micho’el Dushinsky (perhaps most learned of all the guides)
Can be found every morning at Shacharis in Hoch-Shul at 7 a.m..
Perlova 4, 110 00  Prague 1. Tel. Home: +420 224 213 543   Mobile: +420 606 498 214 
E-Mail: [email protected] It’s recommended to contact the guides before arrival in Prag.

The ONLY one company that the locals use because the drivers do not have a “built-in-jumping-taxometer”(!) is: AAA - tel. +420 777 33 11 33. Short no. (only inside CR): 14014  
From Airport to Jewish Quarter: c. 600-800 Kronen. If u phone & order AAA, they also say to you how much it’ll be (without waiting-time). From Airport to Jewish Quarter: usually shouldn’t be more than 400-450 CK (Czech-Koruna)
Always ask taxis to switch on the meter. The Euro-price is often considerably higher than the Kronen price [tourist exploitation]. Drivers in Hotel Cars are often more expensive than taxis.

Cheap flats in Jewish Area:
Rav Barrash (see above): c. 50 dollar a night.
Kralava [on Parizka]  Tel. +420 603 251 008: c. 40 Euro a night.  
Kosher Prague accommodation: +420 602 378 255
Hotels: Ramada Prag City Centre Tel. +420 221 459 111

In Hoch-Shul, Maiselova 18. Must be in time, otherwise guards may possibly not let you in. Shachris: during the week, at 8. a.m. After Tefilloh, coffee & cakes/sandwiches provided by Rav M. Kalcheim. Minchoh (Mon.-Thurs.): c. 14.30  Ma’ariv (Sun.-Thurs.): c. 19.30 - all year round.
But Minyen is not assured, and in Lubavitch Shtibel at Parizska 3 [Shachriss at 7.45 a.m. and Minchoh+Ma’ariv in winter. [but best to check by Tel.]
but Minyen also dependent on visitor.
Young/old Yidden who may perhaps help with Minyan.
a) Daniel Vaněk (sounds: Vaanyek) Tel. +420 608 675 282
b) Shimon Stoklasa, see above.
c) Dushi (Michael Dushinsky), see above.

Kosher Food:
There is a restaurant in lower floor underneath the Hoch Shul (in the Kehilloh building). It is under the supervision of the local Rabbinate.
Only for lunch. Mon.-Fri. 11:30 a.m - 1:30 a.m. Standard-tickets for meal, for 375,00 CK only, at the cash under Hoch-Shul, opposite entrance to Altneu-Shul. 3-4 fresh salads for free. For main course 7 possibilities to choose: 1 the “Beyss-haTamchuy” portion, 4 fleishik, Schnitzel etc., 1 salmon, 1 vegetarian. Coffee/tea for 8.- CK. Cola also available.
Standard of Kashrus and Hidur not known e.g. regarding checking salads for Tolo’yim, careful check of Kashrus of ingredients, avoiding Bishul Akum etc.
Coffee machine - cheapest in town, 5 CK - in the attached Kehilloh’s club, is without milk. Cholov Yisroel generally not available there. The meat is from the Prag Kehillo i.e. the Shechito in Levov, Poland by a South African Shochet and imported into Prag. It is under the supervision of the Jewish Agency Sheliach/deputy-Rov, Rov M. Kalchheim. It is clear that the Kehillo must provide reasonably priced meat to make it attractive. It does not have to cater for consumers seeking Glatt at higher prices.

There is another kosher Restaurant “King Salomon” on Široka Street (sounds: Shiroka, opposite old Beis Hakevoros). Not under supervision of local Rabbinate but under some other supervision. Meat is from Wien. Very doubtful whether proprietor is Shomer Torah, no Mashgi’ach Temidi on premises [but lives nearby]. Standard of Hashgocho and Hidur unknown. Nearest town with many kosher products is Wien (4 hours by car).
Cholov Yisro’el can be obtained from the Lubavitcher Shtibel. And sometimes also in Kehilloh.

Room: 50 dollar or 40 Euro per day. Taxi: c. 600-800 CK to and from airport
Entry to all Shuls: c. 600 CK. Ship Journey: About 300 CK for 1 hour.
Guided Tour: About 20 Euro per hour (small group). All Shuls etc. takes c. 3-4 hours.

Car Hire:
Budget Cars, office inside Hotel Intercontinental (is in the Jewish area) offers extra cheap rate if you mention that Dushinsky recommended them to you. E.g. for Vauxhall Astra: 40 Euro for one day, unlimited mileage instead of 60-80. No need for car in Jewish area because everything is very near and parking is problematic.